What has the web redesign project been up to in the past three months?

April 20, 2012

Between January and March of this year the web redesign project took a small break in full-time engineering to focus attention on design work, bug fixing, user testing, and analyzing user feedback. The outcomes of this work have been positive, as we've learned a great deal from students, faculty and staff about how they would use the new site and whether or not it will help them successfully complete their most important tasks.  Many small and large improvements to librarypreview.stanford.edu have already been made, and continue to be added.

We have also completed initial design work on updated Subject Guide and Branch library templates.  Click the thumbnails below to see full-screen versions of these designs.

Branch Library Template


 Subject Guide Template

Starting in April, the web development team and Chapter Three have resumed full-scale development efforts to build out the subject guides and branch templates.  They are also investing considerable effort in making the web authoring experience both simple and feature-rich. 

Expect more frequent updates here in April, May and June as progress is sure to accelerate.