Frequently asked questions about the new library website

August 3, 2012

Our thanks to everyone who has been submitting feedback about the new library website.  Your feedback is really helpful, especially as we try to wrap up content for the official site launch. We've taken a moment to post some answers to the most frequently asked questions we've received.

Where is the staff directory? 

There is not a comprehensive staff directory page on the new website. Because the new website has been designed first and foremost to streamline patron's access to information they most need, we did not include a listing of all staff in all departments. Patrons can search for staff by name in the website as well as in StanfordWho. 

We know that many library staff find the comprehensive staff directory quite useful, and are exploring ways to provide that in the future.

Where is my people page? 

You can find your people page at the following location. (replace yoursunetid with yours). You can edit your page and, once it is published, you can point people to your page with that URL. People can also use the website search to find you. You must be logged in to the site (Login button at top right of page; use your SUNet ID and password) to see your People page. If you still do not see your People page, please check your directory preferences in StanfordYou -- your directory preference must be set to "Public" for your People page to show up on our site. Additional guidelines for creating People Pages will be distributed soon.

When should I start migrating my content/when can I start adding stuff? 

Check with your manager.  Currently content needed for launch has been given priority.  This includes course guides for fall quarter classes, content currently hosted on LibGuides, and content which is heavily used in the existing website.

Will my existing web page still be available when the new site is launched? 

Content that has not been added to the new library website will continue to be available until you migrate it to the new website.  If you have pages on the existing website, they will be redirected to a slightly new address that starts with Don't worry, links to your pages won't be broken since the redirect occurs automatically and behind the scenes. Pages on will keep their existing addresses.

My pages aren't set to be migrated right now, what should I do in the meantime? 

  • Try out the new website content creation interface by creating your People Page. There are general instructions in our blog post about people pages.
  • Follow updates on the Library Redesign Blog.
  • Check out other parts of website site as it grows over the next few weeks. Fill out the feedback form if you see anything amiss or encounter any problems.