New Collections Added to Stanford Digital Repository in November and December, 2012

January 22, 2013
High-volume book scanning lab
During the last two months of 2012, approximately 120,000 images and objects representing nearly 74,000  items were accessioned into the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR).  These materials include automobile-related images from the Revs collection, audio recordings from San Francisco's Film Arts Foundation, posters from the STOP AIDS Project collection, additional books from the Stephen J Gould collection and a variety of Stanford-related historical images, including photos from the Stanford Prison Experiment.
In November and December the Revs Digitai Library made significant progress in it's ongoing efforts to ensure access and preservation of materials from the Revs Institute and the Revs Program at Stanford. The Institute, which is focused on the scholarly study of the automotive history, houses a library with over a million automobile-related items, including images, research books, ephemera, and specialized documents. The Revs Program at Stanford was established to promote a new trans-disciplinary field connecting the past, present and future of the automobile. More information is available at This is a continuation of the digitization efforts for this collection.
Example image:
Added to SDR: 65,300 photos 
Collection Contact: Mark Patrick

Stephen J Gould Rare books
This project, focused on digitizing Gould's extensive holdings of rare books, is part of the Stephen Jay Gould Papers project that enables research and educational communities to discover and access this unique collection of materials. Stephen Jay Gould was a renowned evolutionary biologist, paleontologist, historian of science, educator, popular science author, polymath, and an enthusiastic collector. Books digitized under this project are also being sent to Google and will be visible in the Google Book Search.   This is a continuation of the digitization efforts for this collection of 1,415 total volumes totaling nearly 470,000 page images.Example image:
Added to SDR: 102 additional volumes, consisting of approximately 47,000 scanned pages
Collection Contact: John Mustain
STOP AIDS Project - Posters
Established in 1985, a year in which an estimated 8,000 gay and bisexual men became infected with HIV in San Francisco, the STOP AIDS Project works to prevent HIV transmission among all gay and bisexual men through multicultural, community-based organizing.  This collection consists of over 370 linear feet of textual, audiovisual and photographic material and nearly 6 gigabytes of born-digital files documenting the organizational history and activities of this HIV prevention non-profit.  More information about the collection is available in this  Special Collections and University Archives blog ( This represents the posters potion of the digitization work on this collection; AV and born digital digitization and processing is underway and partially complete.
Example image:
Added to SDR: 187 poster images
Content Contact:  Roberto Trujillo 
Film Arts Foundation Audio Recording Collection 
The Film Arts Foundation Audio Recording Collection, which spans 1984-1998, contains a broad set of audio cassette recordings of lectures hosted by the Film Arts Foundation, headquartered in San Francisco. 
Example recording:
Added to SDR: 216 audio recordings; nearly 700 digitized audio files
Collection Contact:  Henry Lowood
Monterey Jazz Festival 
The first media content deposited to the SDR back in 2008, the MJF digitized audio recording collection has been migrated to the SDR's 2nd generation system, and now has nearly 1,000 PURL pages available for discovery by researcher and scholars.. To access metadata to the recordings in the Monterey Jazz Festival Collection, please contact the Stanford Archive of Recorded Sound.
Example recording:
Added to SDR: Approximately 475 audio tapes consisting of nearly 1,900 digitized audio files.
Collection Contact:  Jerry McBride
The Musical Acoustics Research Library (MARL) 
MARL consists of an extensive collection of files compiled by or about many of the most prominent acousticians of our time. MARL was collected by the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) in conjunction with the Catgut Acoustical Society and several acousticians.  The vast majority of the library content is available only in hardcopy form and requires scholars to make arrangements to visit Special Collections to view materials.  This is part of an ongoing digitization effort of MARL materials.
Example image:
Added to SDR: 10 technical papers and related mateials consisting of over 1,000 digitized images
Collection Contact:  Jerry McBride
Maps DigitizationUnder the direction of Salim Mohammed and Julie Sweetkind-Singer, digitization of SUL's rich map collections continues on several fronts. Highlights include:

  • Gaihozu Maps. Twenty five additional "Gaihozu Maps" depicting Japan and territories outside of Japan (referred to as "Gaihozu") were added to SDR . Created between the Meiji era and the end of WWII, this collection is part of a world-wide effort to preserve this historically and scientific important set of materials.  More information about this collection is available at:  Branner Library holds ~10,000 of these maps.  This is a continuation of the digitization efforts for this ~10,000 map collection. Example image:
  • Glen McLaughlin Maps Collection -- California as an island.  Approximately 200 additional maps from this collection were digitized and are now available via SDR.  This set of digitization includes nineteen maps that focus on Malta. Example images: (Malta)
Patron and Internal One-off RequestsSeveral patron-driven and SUL-interal requests for materials, often directly in support of scholarship or research, were accessioned into SDR.  These materials cover a variety topics, including photos from the famous Stanford Prison Experiment, views of student life in the 1960, 1970s and from a century ago, as well architectural views of campus buildings.  Daniel Hartwig is collection contact for these items. Highlights include:  
  • Center for Behavioral Sciences.  This portfolio from 1954 contains an architectural rendering of the Center for Behavior Science and twelve photographs by Morley Baer of the finished exterior and interior of the building. Images are available online at: 
  • Stanford Student Demonstrations.  Images of campus demonstrations during the spring of 1970.  These 83 photos were part of records possibly assembled to provide evidence for legal action against the participants by the University as evidenced by notes on the photos identifying protestors.  Images are available online at:
  • Stanford Prison Experiment.  Photos from Professor Philip Zimbardo's seminal Stanford Prison Experiment which studied the psychological impacts of being either a prisoner or a guard. Eighty images, including photos the Stanford experiment itself as well as related materials such as photos of real prisoners, are available online at:  
  • John McHenry Nisbet Campus Photos. This collection of 39 photos represent images from Stanford student John McHenry Nisbet student years (1912-1916).  Images are available online at: 
Inclusion in the Stanford Digital Repository ensures that these materials are available to researchers and scholars (while upholding appropriate access restrictions), now and in the future through a secure, sustainable stewardship environment.  While many of these objects are already discoverable via SearchWorks others will get SearchWorks records in the coming months.  All materials are currently available via the item’s PURL (a persistent URL which ensure that these materials are available from a single URL over the long-term, regardless of changes in file location or application technology). 

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