SDR Deposit of the Week: Modeling Best Practices

January 6, 2016
Regina Lee Roberts
Kris Kasianovitz & Regina Roberts at the C+J Symposium 2015

By Regina L. Roberts & Kris Kasianovitz

Did you know that Stanford University Libraries (SUL) librarians and staff are able to deposit articles, presentations, posters and other content they produce in the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR)?  The Stanford University Libraries Staff Publications and Research Collection contains “publications and research produced and contributed by staff of Stanford University Libraries on a broad range of topics relevant to academic and research libraries”. 

As representatives of Stanford University Libraries, we mainly promote the SDR Self-Deposit Service to our campus community of researchers and faculty, but we also want SUL librarians and staff to be aware that they too can take advantage of this service for archiving their research.

For example, we delivered a paper at the 2015 Computation and Journalism Symposium held at Columbia University this past fall. This is an annual event that brings together journalists, computational journalism social scientists, members of the press, and researchers in communication and journalism to discuss methods, research, teaching tools and data. In 2016, this Symposium will be held at Stanford University.

In order to model best practices, we deposited our paper; powerpoint slides; and our resource handout into the SDR’s collection, Stanford University Libraries staff publications and research. The paper, cited below[1], advances concepts of best practices around data life-cycles including the importance of data management plans, the documentation of methods and metadata which facilitate social science data deposits at institutional repositories, such as the Stanford Digital Repository.

On the eve of our paper presentation, we also provided demonstrations of SDR collection examples and provided a national listing of universities, which also have similar repositories either at their libraries or through an institutional access point. 

You can take a look at the research collection that SUL librarians and staff have contributed to the SDR at the following collection title, Stanford University Libraries staff publications and research  and if you are considering contributing your work, please contact the SDR Service Team through their “Contact” online form to get started.  If you are a SUL librarian or staff, please mention, in the note field, that you would like to become an SDR depositor of the SUL Staff Publications and Research collection.

[1] Kasianovitz, Kris M. and Roberts, Regina L.. (2015). No Data, No Computation, No Replication or Re-use: the Utility of Data Management and Preservation Practices for Computational Journalism. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at this purl.



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