The Stanford Media Preservation Lab begins preservation of the New Dimensions radio show

Open reel tape image

Adi Da (Bubba Free John) was a 20th century religious leader that studied English literature at Stanford, Joseph Campbell proposed a universal narrative that is mythopoetic, and host Michael Toms interviewed the latter and the early followers of the former in the embryonic episodes of the radio show New Dimensions.

While these two interviews from the 1970’s are remarkable in their own right, New Dimensions in its entirety represents the fractured search for meaning in the post-1960’s United States. To hear these two episodes from the 1970's and a portion of the work being done by the Stanford Libraries Department of Special Collections and the Stanford Media Preservation Lab follow the links below:

Joseph Campbell Outakes (2nd segment)

Michael Toms Interviewing followers of Adi Da in 1975

Guide to the New Dimensions Collection