Digital library how-to guides - visit our revised, user-friendly documentation

May 6, 2019
Catherine A. Aster

Stanford Libraries staff: Have questions about how to get your content digitized? Need help with Argo, JIRA, or metadata for your digitized content in the Stanford Digital Repository? Looking for a glossary of digital library acronyms?

Please check out the newly revised Digital Library How-to Guides, and remember to update your bookmarks!

In late 2018, the Digital Library Systems and Services - Product and Service Management team embarked on an overhaul of our digital library documentation on Confluence. It was in need of a thorough review for information currency. It also needed reorganization, so people could find the information they were seeking to get their work done. Revisions are now complete, and the space is more user-focused and user-friendly. We now have a regular schedule in place for documentation updates, and we welcome your feedback.

Thank you to Metadata and Special Collections staff, whose excellent documentation we also link out to.

Many thanks to our colleagues across Stanford Libraries, who provided valuable input for improvements via focus groups: Nathan Coy, Sally DeBauche, Kevin Kishimoto, Alexandra Krogman, Tim Noakes, Andria Olson, Stella Ota, Emily Prince, Regina Roberts, and Rebecca Wingfield.


Cathy Aster

Catherine A. Aster

Senior Digital Library Services Manager, Digital Library Systems and Services
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