Improved user experience for full-text search in Spotlight exhibits and image viewer

July 29, 2019
Catherine A. Aster
Full text search result for "salmon" in

At the beginning of July we announced the release of Stanford Libraries' new viewer for image items in the Stanford Digital Repository. The viewer now provides enhanced support for full text search, with a new user interface afforded by the integration of Mirador 3 in the July 1st release.

Please view the following video to see a demonstration of full text search basics.

As facilitated by the previous version of the viewer, Stanford Libraries supports full text search for qualifying items, without the need for additional customization. 

Search is supported in two ways; search within and search across:

  • For search within, this is the ability to search within any text search enabled item, anywhere you see the viewer -- in a Spotlight at Stanford exhibit, in SearchWorks, or on a Persistent URL (PURL) page.
  • For search across, this is the ability to search across all items in a single Spotlight at Stanford exhibit.

The Jarndyce 19th Century Novel Collection is a demonstration Spotlight at Stanford exhibit that is full text searchable - please check it out.

For more information about the requirements for full text search support in the Stanford Libraries environment, please review the specifics outlined in the following document: Making sure your textual objects can be searched (Stanford login required).

Thank you to the many staff who contributed to the full text search enhancements. The development team included: Chris Beer, Gary Geisler, Jessie Keck, Mark Matienzo, Jack Reed, Stu Snydman, Camille Villa, Jennifer Vine and Drew Winget. Josh Schneider provided testing support.

If you have questions or comments about full text search, please email:




Cathy Aster

Catherine A. Aster

Services Manager, Digital Library Systems and Services
Spotlight at Stanford Exhibits
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