Data sharing from Oak, Sherlock, and Google Drive

February 22, 2023
Amy E. Hodge
Screenshot of SDR self-deposit application home page
Those of you working with large datasets know that their size complicates pretty much everything you do, from opening them to analyzing them to sharing them. That's why the team at the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR) has recently devised a better, smoother, faster way for you to move content you want to share from Oak, Sherlock, or Stanford's Google Drive to the SDR using the file transfer service Globus
For a typical, smaller (< 10GB) deposit to the SDR, you would be required to upload all your files to our web application, and we all know watching files upload is kind of a drag. But if you have your content on Oak, Sherlock, or Google Drive, these services already have built-in connections to Stanford's Globus service. This means that just by logging in, you can view your files on a Globus endpoint and then quickly and easily move them to the Libraries' Globus endpoint for deposit to the SDR.
This awesome new feature is part of the SDR's online deposit app, where depositors can simply select the third option to "Upload one or more files (more than 10GB) which will be displayed as uploaded, including any file hierarchy." Selecting this option will be bring up detailed instructions for the process. 
graphic showing the steps of the process to deposit content from Oak, Sherlock, or Google Drive via Globus into the SDR
You'll need to request SDR access and create a Stanford Globus account and log into it. From the SDR app, start a deposit, select the Globus option, and check your email for a link to your personal folder on the Libraries' endpoint. Open both this endpoint and the built-in endpoint for the storage service you're using and navigate to your files. Then with a couple of clicks, your files will be on their way to us. There's no need to babysit the file transfer -- Globus monitors and handles everything and sends you an email when the job is finished.
The last step for you is to return to the SDR, let us know all your files are on our endpoint, and complete your deposit. 
If you're interested in using the Stanford Digital Repository please visit or contact us at You can also review our full documentation for the Globus > SDR deposit process. 
Credit for process graphic: Astrid Usong