Small Treasures in the John Marcum Papers (Part 4)

June 7, 2017
Franz Kunst
Africa Today 1975

Welcome to part four of our week-long venture into the John Marcum papers. In the midst of revolution and upheaval, many African countries found themselves courted by both East and West in a proxy Cold War. Naturally, much of the battle was fought with propaganda, and these items reflect the urgency and tension of those times.


Anti-communist pamphlet, Rhodesia:

Rhodesian anti-communist pamphlet


cover, Vladimir Lopatov's The Soviet Union & Africa (Moscow: Progress Publishers 1987):

The Soviet Union & Africa


1965 letter to Marcum concerning the disposition of a trunk full of literature on guerilla warfare in Leopoldville (now Kinshasa), Congo:

letter from Leopoldville 1965