ePADD 7.3 Now Available

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The ePADD development team is excited to announce the release of ePADD 7.3!

This new release includes the following updates:

  • An entirely new user interface for reviewing email attachments.

  • New ways to access attachments. There is a new option on the Browse screen to access “All Attachments,” and an “Attachment view” button on the Message screen that will display all attachments associated with the current set of messages.

  • Fixes for two bugs related to entering collection metadata into the import screen and creating new lexicons.

  • Updated user help text throughout the application.

  • An optional feature to generate thumbnails for many common office file formats to display in the attachment review interface after installing ImageMagick and LibreOffice. 

The ePADD project team welcomes feedback from our users on these updates. Please contact us at epadd_project@stanford.edu or submit an issue on Github.