ePADD 2nd Quarter Update

The ePADD project team has continued in our work on the software development and community building goals identified for our current Andrew W. Mellon Foundation funded grant project. In June, we were excited to release version 7.3 of ePADD. This latest version includes an entirely new user interface for reviewing email attachments as well as new ways to access email attachments from the message screen. Releasing this new version marks the completion of one of the major development milestones set for our Andrew W. Mellon Foundation funded grant project, and we are excited to hear how our users will find using it.  For more details on new features and functionality introduced in version 7.3 and to download the release check out our Github repository.



Wrapping up our work on version 7.3, we are now turning to our next major goal:  to create a shared, multi-institutional version of ePADD’s Discovery site. Archivists from UC-Santa Cruz, UC-Berkeley, Harvard University, the University of Manchester, and the British Library have joined us in forming a working group to design this new email discovery platform and ensure that it is representative of our users’ needs. Finalizing our design for this shared discovery site will be our focus for the rest of the Summer. We plan to spend the Fall testing this site before finally releasing it as well as discussing how the platform will be governed and maintained in the future.



The ePADD project team always welcomes questions and feedback on our work. Please contact us at epadd_project@stanford.edu.