Scribe C: Rewriting the Beowulf Manuscript - a Seminar with Cheryl Jacobsen

October 18, 2021
Benjamin L Albritton
Image of stack of parchment with handwriting on top showing the opening lines of Beowulf

For the latest event in an ongoing series co-sponsored with Stanford Text Technologies, the Libraries were delighted to host Cheryl jacobsen (University of Iowa, Center for the Book) on Oct. 14, 2021 for an online seminar where she presented her work copying the Old English poem, Beowulf, in a hand and layout matched to that of the original scribe, to produce a commission for a private collector. Her work blends a detailed knowledge of historical scripts and scribal techniques with a modern book arts practice, leading to unique and beautiful handmade re-interpretation of the famous Beowulf manuscript held at the British Library (Cotton MS Vitellius A XV).