Phil Hatfield, British Library: Two talks on maps, digital mapping and his book "Lines in the ice: Exploring the roof of the world"

October 27, 2016
G. Salim Mohammed
Philip Hatfield, Curator of Digital Mapping, British Library

Philip Hatfield, Lead Curator for Digital Mapping at the British Library will be giving two talks at the David Rumsey Map Center on Tuesday,  November 1, 2016. For both talks please come up the Rumsey stairs that lead off the entrance door at the Bing Wing Rotunda. The Bing Wing Rotunda is in the Bing Wing of Green Library. Read on for details on the talks.


At 9.30 am:

Charts, Data and Web Archives: Digital Mapping at the British Library

Philip Hatfield will discuss current work at the institution in the area of digital mapping. Covering plans for map digitization as well as the acquisition of modern, born digital mapping the talk will also highlight recent British Library research projects and how we are beginning to work with new forms of map data, such as that found in the UK Web Archive.

At 11 am:
Lines in the Ice: Exploring the Roof of the World

The recent locating of HMS 'Terror' reminds us of the long history of Arctic exploration and, especially, the search for polar trade routes. Using maps and topographical views discussed in his new book, 'Lines in the Ice: Exploring the Roof of the World', Philip Hatfield charts the reasons explorers have made their way north and highlights the impact their work has had on the Arctic and indigenous peoples who live there.