Farewell to Josie Flores

August 14, 2017
Sarah Forzetting

It is with a tinge of sadness that I announce the retirement of Josie Flores. After 47 years of service to Stanford Libraries, Josie will be leaving the tedious world of books, serials, and government documents to spend more time with her extended family in Cuba, Miami, and Las Vegas. When she is not out dancing, she will likely be found cooking family favorites and possibly (probably!) keeping her floors extra clean.

Josie began her career at Stanford in 1970 as a Technical Processing Assistant in Binding & Finishing. She was soon promoted to Gov Docs Library Specialist where she specialized in Spanish and Portuguese language documents. In 1995 Josie took over the Gifts and Exchange program, and used her excellent communication skills, good sense of humor, and long-standing connections with bibliographers and international library partners to build and maintain Acquisitions’ role in this unique program. As the Exchange program dwindled, Josie turned her attention more to Ordering and in recent years has worked closely with Adan Griego to acquire both the mundane and the rare and specialized materials from Latin America and Spain. The vendors in these countries know Josie well and have already sent her many felicidades. Josie also managed Special Collections orders for John Mustain and Roberto Trujillo for the past year and expertly handled from start to finish every item that was dropped off at her desk or left in the locked room. She is our expert invoice-chaser and material-mover!

There have been many occasions when I’ve asked Josie to write down every step of a complicated process because no one knows it better than she does. But as Sharon Propas has aptly pointed out, Josie does not always follow department rules and is especially good at circumventing cumbersome processes and figuring out her own way of getting things done. We’ve all benefitted from Josie’s unique approach to library acquisitions. I think it is fair to say none of our procedure documents could replace the many years of materials and workflow knowledge Josie brings to work every day.

Josie, your SUL friends and family will miss you greatly! We wish you all the very best.

Those who wish to say farewell to Josie are welcome to stop by the Lathrop 4th floor Gifts Unit. Josie is sure to be busy with orders through August 30th.


Sarah Forzetting

Digital Collections Librarian