East Asia Library special collections featured in new Cantor exhibit

November 2, 2017
Joshua Capitanio

Several items from the East Asia Library's special collections are currently being displayed at the Cantor Arts Center as part of a new exhibition, entitled The Buddha's Word @ Stanford.

This exhibition, which was organized by the Cantor Arts Center in collaboration with faculty from Stanford's Department of Religious Studies, highlights the importance of writing and manuscript culture within the Buddhist religion as it spread across Asia.  Showcasing a wide variety of materials from the collections of the Cantor Arts Center and Stanford Libraries, the exhibition features materials from India, China, Tibet, Japan, and Sri Lanka.  In addition to Buddhist texts themselves, the exhibit also features other objects used in the production and storage of these texts, such as styluses, boxes, and other containers, as well as several unique images that incorporate text in unique and unusual ways.

Materials from the East Asia Library include several Chinese manuscripts of Buddhist scriptures, Japanese ritual texts such as kōshiki manuscripts, and Japanese mandala images.  Click on the links below for more information on these materials: