Gil Mendez retiring

January 10, 2018
Sarah Forzetting

black and white photo of Gil Mendez with camera

After almost 20 years in the Payments Unit, Gil Mendez is retiring from Stanford Libraries. Please drop by the Lathrop Library 4th floor before Friday, January 12 to congratulate and wish him well.

Gil came to Stanford from the Acquisitions Department at Columbia University where he worked for 10 years before deciding to move to the Bay Area. He brought with him a strong understanding of the complexities of acquiring international materials and an invariably pleasant personality. His background in comparative literature and affinity for the fine arts made him our expert on the newest literature and films. If you run into Gil on the Marguerite, you can always count on him to offer advice on what to see or read. Early in his career in Acquisitions Gil volunteered to photograph department events and always has his camera ready. Some of his greatest contributions are the thick photo albums we’ve accumulated over the years documenting the work and fun of the wonderful people in our department.

We are grateful to Gil for his dedication to Acquisitions, for the thousands of invoices he paid, and for the daily smiles and personal greetings he gave to each of us year after year. Gil, you will be missed!


Sarah Forzetting

Digital Collections Librarian