New discovery tool to search for funding opportunities, grant awards, and philanthropy news

February 5, 2018

Looking for funding opportunities?  Want to see what grants have been awarded? Or, are you interested in scanning philanthropy news and documents to see if they provide insight into a funding proposal you are working on?  If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you should check out the new Funding Resources Search tool that lets you search multiple resources at one time.   Access is limited to current students, faculty, and staff at Stanford.

The Funding Resources Search site has a focused list of 8 resources and a customized interface.  It is possible to use Boolean Logic (AND, OR, NOT) and wildcard characters (an asterisk for any number of characters or a question for one character) at the end of a search term to find variations of that term. After performing a search, users can easily create an alert so they are notified when new opportunities on their topic become available.  Search results include matches from Stanford Profiles.

Please note: in order to view full records from the Foundation Directory Online (FDO) databases in the search results, users must first go to the FDO website and accept cookies before performing a search.   So that we do not violate license agreements, a maximum of 100 records from each resource are included in search results. 

Developing this search site was a collaborative effort between Patti McCabe, Director of Training & Communication for the Stanford Dean of Research and webmaster for the DoResearch website; Grace Baysinger, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Librarian and Lead for DWT's federated search services, Irina Trapido, Electronic Resources Librarian, and Sandor Sklar, Systems Administrator, in the Stanford Libraries; and Abe Lederman, CEO, Christy Ziemba, Senior Project Manager, Ellee Wilson, Professional Services & Engineering, and Caleb Stouter, Applications Engineer from Deep Web Technologies (DWT).

Funding Resources Search