Welcome Zac!

March 14, 2018
Zachary Painter


There is a new face at the Terman Engineering Library!  I'm thrilled to introduce Zachary Painter, who joined Stanford Libraries on March 5, 2018, as the Research and Teaching Support Librarian in the Engineering Library.

Prior to coming to Stanford, Zac was the Engineering and Data Services Librarian at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.  Zac has a MSLS from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and a BS in history and secondary education from Appalachian State University.  Zac is passionate about teaching and instruction, and he brings extensive experience and expertise in pedagogy to his role here, including certification as a Software and Data Carpentry Instructor.  Zac is also active in several professional organizations, including the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) and the Engineering Division of the Special Libraries Association (SLA).

In addition to working with various departments in the School of Engineering, Zac will have a key role in expanding our instructional offerings.  You can find Zac in Terman Library when he's not out consulting with researchers, looking for new collections, or teaching workshops.

Check out Zac's profile for his contact information, and be sure to stop by and welcome him to Stanford!