Stanford's Japanese web archiving project featured in prominent journal

July 6, 2018
Joshua Capitanio
Snapshot of Japan 2016-2018

The National Diet Library, the Japanese equivalent of the Library of Congress, publishes a quarterly journal, entitled Current Awareness.  In the most recent issue, Regan Murphy Kao, curator for the Japanese collection at Stanford’s East Asia Library, describes an experimental web archiving project she initiated in 2016.  The project, called Snapshot of Japan 2016-2018, aimed to preserve a snapshot of contemporary Japanese society.  In contrast to other web archiving projects, which pursue a single topic, event, or type of site, Snapshot of Japan archived a wide range of websites deemed representative of issues in current Japanese society, focusing especially on sites that fall outside the scope of other web archiving programs.  Reflecting on the ephemeral nature of websites, she discusses both the importance and challenge of archiving a wide spectrum of sites.

Read the article, A Snapshot Model for Web Archiving: Stanford East Asia Library’s Japanese Web Archive, here.



Joshua Capitanio

Joshua Capitanio

Public Services Librarian, East Asia Library
Bibliographer, East and Southeast Asia (Western languages)
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