East Asia Library hosts workshop on IIIF technology


On February 25 the East Asia Library hosted a workshop to introduce the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) to Stanford faculty and students working in topics related to East Asian Studies.

The workshop, which was co-hosted by the East Asia Library and Stanford Libraries' Digital Library Systems and Services (DLSS) group, featured presentations from Dr. Regan Murphy Kao (Japanese Studies Librarian and Head of Special Collections at the East Asia Library), Camille Villa (Digital Library Research Engineer), and Drew Winget (Digital Library Software Engineer).  Over two dozen faculty and students attended the workshop to learn about some of the different ways in which scholars can use IIIF to enhance their work with digital images. 

IIIF comprises a set of application programming interface (API) specifications developed cooperatively by members of a consortium including over forty major research libraries, museums, and image repositories.  These APIs provide a standardized format that supports the uniform display of images of books, maps, scrolls, manuscripts, musical scores and archival materials, enabling a range of functions that allow scholars to interact more closely with these digital images.  The different applications of IIIF covered in this workshop included  the ability to zoom, compare across repositories, annotate and tag manuscripts, and various tools for viewing, stitching, and otherwise manipulating digital images online.  

For more information on the International Image Interoperability Framework, please visit Stanford Libraries' IIIF project page.