Welcome Quentin Verwaerde

September 8, 2019
Catherine Nicole Coleman
Quentin Verwaerde

We are excited to welcome Quentin Verwaerde of the French national library school, ENSSIB, to Stanford Libraries for term-long internship. He’ll mainly be working with Nicole Coleman and Sarah Sussman, but is looking forward to meeting folks around the library. To introduce him to SUL, we’ve asked him to tell us a bit about himself  -

"After his graduate degree in philosophy, Quentin Verwaerde worked for various French academic research institutions. He started his career at the University of Strasbourg where, before leading the Theology Library, he got acclimatized to the wonderful world of data through a project to redesign and optimize data courses.

For the next stage of his training, Quentin interned at the library of the Paris Observatory. His main project was to design an online exhibition that tells the intellectual journey of an astronomer, through his correspondence: Philippe de la Hire, The Constant Study. He was then appointed as a State Librarian at the BnF - the National Library of France. At the BnF, he indulged in one of his favourite activities, teaching, because patrons have to be taught how to find their way through 43 million catalogue records.

In 2019 (through a concours, or national competitive examination), it's his turn to get back to studies, and Quentin begins his curator training program at ENSSIB, the French national library school. There he studies the technical, social and ethical impact of artificial intelligence techniques on libraries. New ways of exploring, creating or exhuming immense corpuses of text, image or sound are quickly transforming our relationship to collections. To carry out this study, what better way than to intern at the University at the forefront of this issue, Stanford University?"

Photograph of Quentin under the arcade at Stanford