Five questions with our new Sound Archives Metadata Librarian: Clare Spitzer

October 14, 2019
Kevin Kishimoto
Clare Spitzer and her llama friend

Please join the Archive of Recorded Sound and Music Library in congratulating Clare Spitzer on her new appointment as Sound Archives Metadata Librarian. She began this new post on October 1, having spent the previous seven months in Stanford Libraries as Special Project Music Metadata Librarian.

Clare came to Stanford in March 2019 from The New School in New York where she worked in the Library Technical Services Department for five years. Since arriving on the Farm, Clare has done tremendous work in cataloging and processing sound recording collections. Her strong work ethic combined with her cheerful demeanor has quickly made her a valued member of our staff.

With her new responsibilities will come more opportunities to collaborate with others across Stanford Libraries. In order for you all to get to know her better (if you haven’t already met), we have asked her to answer five questions:

What were some highlights of your first 7 months working at Stanford?

I’ve been in awe of the Archive of Recorded Sound’s collection of players since the first time I was given a tour. Other highlights have been attending the Music Library Association’s California Chapter meeting hosted here, learning about the work being done in other departments at Concierge and Trending events, and of course, meeting a few llamas outside of Green. 

What is the coolest item / collection that you had the chance to work with (so far)?

The Chandik collection has a very impressive amount of autographed jazz records signed by artists like Dizzy Gillespie and Count Basie. I’ve also been working with album covers of 78s and have seen some pretty wacky children’s album and even a couple of physical fitness albums (with a visual guide) from the 1920s.

Being a native New Yorker, what are your first impressions of California life?

I’m still not quite used to being around palm trees yet, so they still kind of look like Dr. Seuss drawings to me, but I’ve gotten used to the weather VERY quickly.

What is your favorite place to eat lunch on campus?

I’m pretty excited about Blend’s tofu, but my favorite place to eat is actually at Coupa for breakfast. They have a breakfast arepa I order too much.

What are you listening to on your headphones right now?

Lately I’ve been mostly switching between Angel Olsen and Lana Del Rey’s latest albums.

Clare at work


photo of Kevin Kishimoto

Kevin Kishimoto

Head of Music Metadata