Databases of the week: the business of engineering

November 15, 2019
Linnea Shieh
Business of engineering

Engineers don’t just design things, they also need to build and sell them!  This week, Linnea Shieh from the Terman Engineering Library gives us a tour of databases that focus on markets and finance for entrepreneurial engineers and their companies.


  • NewSpace Global provides indices, quantitative assessments, and deep dives on companies in the burgeoning commercial space industry, from Accion Systems to SpaceX to Zero2Infinity.  Other content includes real-time news coverage and a library of 25,000 articles dating to the beginnings of “new space.”
  • Inframation is a database of intelligence on development projects in North America, focusing on funding and deals.  Customize a daily digest email to get the latest headlines and reports, sourced from a variety of news outlets and press releases.  Industry sectors covered include energy, renewables, transport, construction, and more. 
  • IDC (International Data Corporation) contains market analysis and research reports for the information technology, consumer technology, and telecommunications industries.  Subscribe to news feeds on the blockchain and 3D printing markets, or learn about development of 5G networks around the world.
  • Faulkner’s Advisory for IT Studies is designed for the academic community, and has comprehensive intelligence reports on technological advances in the IT and communications market segments.  Topics include healthcare information management, streaming media, and wireless.  It also includes product profiles, vendor directories, and a glossary.
  • GlobalData’s Medical Device intelligence service (aka Medical eTrack) covers the medical equipment industry, supplying insights for strategic planning by suppliers and manufacturers.  Epidemiology data is used to build quantitative and qualitative market models, and a device database tracks 46,000 devices from 100 countries. 


For comprehensive finance and business databases such as Bloomberg, Lux Research and Thomson ONE, check out the Business School’s A-to-Z databases list.  And as always, see the engineering topic guides for more great engineering resources!



Linnea Shieh

Linnea Shieh
Engineering Librarian, Data & Collections
Curator for Linguistics