Students can now reserve group study rooms at Green Library!

September 26, 2022
Mario Pamplona
Group study room 124 in Hohbach Hall.

Group Study Room 124 (photo: Mario Pamplona)

Why are room reservations awesome?  

  • Group study rooms are for Stanford students in groups of two or more.

  • Reservations ensure you have a reliable and consistent space for your group study. 

  • Rooms are prioritized for your use.

  • You can plan your collaborative work in advance.

  • It will be easier to find an open room to use.

  • There will be more equitable access to group study rooms by limiting reservations to two hours per day.

How does the reservation system work?  

  • Group study rooms can only be reserved by Stanford students.

  • You can reserve a group study room online or with a QR code on the group study room door.

  • You must provide your group size and a valid phone number.  

  • You will receive a confirmation email, as well as an email reminder two hours prior to your reservation.  

  • A sign with a QR code is posted at each study room. The QR code allows you to reserve that room or find an available alternative room. 

Door signage for group study room.

New door signage (credit: Jen Navarrette and Mario Pamplona)

Room policies: 

  • These rooms are for student groups (two or more students). Single occupants will be asked to vacate the room. 

  • You must reserve a student group study room (requires SUNet authentication) either in advance or onsite. 

  • Rooms can be reserved up to seven days in advance, for two hours per day.

  • Food and drinks are not allowed.

  • Do not leave belongings unattended.

  • Masks are strongly recommended.

What do you think about the reservation system? Let us know if you have any questions or comments! 



Mario Pamplona

Mario Pamplona

User Experience & Privileges Librarian