DOI services

Stanford Libraries now offers the ability to assign a DOI (digital object identifier) to an information resource hosted online by Stanford.

What is a DOI?

A DOI is a formalized, standards-based mechanism for identifying an entity -- such as a dataset, a publication, or any other piece of information -- and managing its location on digital networks.

Why would I need a DOI?

The need for DOIs is increasingly common for today's scholars who are actively publishing. A number of journal publishers require their authors to provide a registered DOI for any content linked to their articles. Digital repositories, like the Stanford Digital Repository, integrate DOI services to facilitate the discovery, sharing, persistence, and interoperability of the scholarly resources they host and steward.

Who can use the Stanford DOI service?

Any Stanford affiliate can use the Stanford DOI service. Depositing content in the Stanford Digital Repository is not a requirement.

What are the benefits of the Stanford DOI service?

  • Stanford Libraries enables you to obtain any number of DOIs through its membership to DataCite, one of the few registered agencies authorized to issue DOIs. You do not need to become a member yourself, and the cost of obtaining a DOI is significantly lower, or altogether free!

  • Stanford Libraries is committed to ensuring persistent access to your content into the future. You do not need to worry that users will lose the ability to find and access it.

  • Stanford will represent the needs of its local community as a voting member of DataCite.

  • Your participation demonstrates the high value of a community-based solution to ensure the integrity and proper management of Stanford’s research output for sharing with the larger scholarly community.

For more information about our service levels and pricing, see the DOI service levels and pricing page. You can also contact us about this service at