About DeepResearch

Developed through the Libraries’ partnership with Deep Web Technologies, DeepResearch provides Stanford students and researchers with a single search option for multiple online resources in the fields of science and engineering. It allows users to search across about 100 resources that include a broad array of subject areas and types of materials.

Accelerate Your Research: Use DeepResearch to quickly find relevant items of interest or to identify resources you may want to explore individually in a comprehensive search. Searches may be limited to specific resources or all resources may be searched simultaneously. Search results are merged and put into one relevancy-ranked list. The results list may also be sorted/filtered by date, and the results display limited to a specific resource or set of resources. Desired results may be saved, printed, or emailed, and citations can be generated. To learn more about DeepResearch "under the hood,"  see Deep Web Technologies Resource Center.


DeepResearch was launched in December 2021, replacing a previous similar search platform called xSearch.  DeepResearch featured a narrowed focus on science and engineering resources.

For more information about the history of the DeepResearch/xSearch project with Deep Web Technologies, please see RaPIDS: Rapid Prototyping of Intuitive Discovery at Stanford