Please note that many databases licensed by the libraries are not part of DeepResearch. Please see Databases for a comprehensive list. You may also find it helpful to use LibGuides which contain print and digital resources. For reference help, please consult a Subject Librarian.

DeepResearch Demos

Customize your search sources

The first time you log in to DeepResearch, you will be taken to a page to select resources over which you'd like your searches to run.  By default, all are selected.  Use the checkboxes to create a custom set, which will be used for all subsequent searches and alerts.

If you'd like to change your custom set of sources, you can come back to the source selection page by:

  • Choosing "Edit sources" within the advanced search page
  • Choosing "Source setup" from the gear menu on the results page.

"Limit to source" is also a filter available within search results; selecting/deselecting sources here does not change your underlying custom set.

Creating and modifying alerts

Create an alert

  • Sign in to DeepResearch with your Stanford email.
  • Conduct a sample search which you would like repeated.
  • Once search results are returned, click the "Create alert for this search" link.
  • Choose a time/frequency for the alert and notification method (email, in-app, or both).

Modify an alert

  • Click on "My Library" under your profile in the upper right.
  • Choose "Alerts" in the left-hand menu.
  • Click the "Edit alert" button for the alert you'd like to change.  Here you can update the time and frequency with which the alert runs, or change how you are notified (in-app and/or email).
  • Use "Deactivate" to deactivate an alert but still keep it in your list of alerts.
  • Click the X all the way to the right of an alert to delete it completely.