Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies (TRCCS)

Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies (TRCCS) 臺灣漢學資源中心

Stanford East Asia Libray officially established the Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies (TRCCS) on September 22, 2022, as one of the international specialized collections at the Library. 

The Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies is a cooperative project intended to promote international exchange in the fields of Chinese studies and Taiwan studies. Through this project, the National Central Library of Taiwan (NCL) has partnered with over forty libraries at worldwide research institutions, including Stanford University. As part of the cooperative agreement, the NCL will provide TRCCS partner institutions with annual donations of print and audio-visual materials published in Taiwan as well as IP-based access to shared e-resources. 

First shipmment of 653 titles in 780 volumes of donated books will be processed. If interested, please check on the list of the books in Google Drive. Stanford professors and students can request express processing of needed books from the list. Please email zhxue@stanford.edu if you have any questions.

Electronic databases provided by the TRCCS (more to come):

National Bibliographic Information Network NBINet (全國圖書書目資訊網) This is a union catalog of academic and primary public libraries in Taiwan. Currently this union catalog contains the catalogs of more than 100 libraries.

Synergy of Metadata Resources in Taiwan, SMRT(臺灣書目整合查詢系統)This is a centralized database system. It continues to integrate metadata records of more than 50 databases. To list a few as follows: union catalog of Taiwan, the NBINet, the “Taiwan Periodical Literature,” the “National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations in Taiwan,” the “National Central Library Gazette Online,” and all the digital collections of NCL. Number of metadata records in this database system has reached 15 million, topes all other databases in Taiwan. This database is helpful for researchers to identify the type of a known title, thereafter the researchers could go to the “Taiwan Periodical Literature” or “National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations in Taiwan” to locate its full-text image file if the needed work has been granted open access.

National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations in Taiwan (臺灣博碩士論文知識加值系統) “NDLTD-Taiwan” is the only one database system that has been consistently collecting theses and dissertations of colleges and universities in Taiwan from 1956 to the present. Currently the database contains more than 1,000,000 metadata records with abstracts, of which more than 420,000 theses and dissertations have been granted full-text images for open access online.

Taiwan Periodical Literature (臺灣期刊論文索引系統) This database contains more than 5,000 titles of journals, of which about 2,800 are classified as academic journals, including journals and bulletins in Chinese and Western languages. This database also includes some few selected journals published in Hong Kong and Macao. By March 2021, the time the renovated version of this database system launched for use, the total metadata records had accumulated to as many as 2.7 million, of which about 42 thousand articles have been granted free open access from the publishers or the authors and have their full-text image PDF files accessible online.

NCL Taiwan Periodical Literature(期刊文獻資訊網)This database system contains the following 4 sub-databases:

1.Taiwan Periodical Literature
For search for Articles. A rather complete index for periodical literature published in Taiwan post WWII.
2.Directory to Taiwan Periodicals
For search for journals information. This Directory collects mainly the journals, newspapers, and gazettes published in Taiwan. It also includes some selected academic journals published in Hong Kong and Macau, and some important periodicals and newspapers published before 1945 in Mainland China.
3.NCL China Periodical Literature Index,
Index to China periodicals held at Center for Chinese Studies (CCS) in NCL
4.Table of Contents of Chinese Literature
This database provide index to Monograph Series on Chinese Literature, History, and Culture, 1946-1979.

Taiwan Citation Index - Humanities and Social Sciences, TCI-HSS(臺灣人社引文資料庫)This database provides simple search and advanced search functions for the follows:

1. Selected peer-reviewed journals, selected academic books/ academic book chapters, and dissertations of humanities and social sciences fields.
2. Citations of the above-mentioned indexed works.
3. “Impact Factor” (IF) of journals indexed by this database.
4. Cited counts of journals, individual dissertations, academic books and academic book chapters, and universities. Statistics of above could be by year, by 5-year range, or be an all-years cumulative statistic. The statistics could also be limited by subject fields.
Although this is a citation index database that does not directly provide full-text images, the search results provide hyperlinks to guide searchers to link to the associated articles, theses, or dissertations contained in the “Taiwan Periodical Literature” or “National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations in Taiwan” respectively.

 Digital Images of Rare Books(古籍影像檢索系統) This database includes digital images from two sources: One is digitized from the NCL’s rare books collection; the other one was acquired via NCL’s international collaboration digitalization projects for Chinese rare books. For the former one, by the end of 2019, over 11,777 titles in NCL’s rare books collection published before 1795 have been digitized. For the later one, approx. 3,071,000 digital images have been acquired via international digitalization project, mostly were from the collaboration projects with famed libraries that have important rare Chinese books in their holdings.

Union Catalog of Rare Books Database(中文古籍聯合目錄)This is a Union catalog of Chinese rare books held at NCL and other libraries, mainly those libraries that hold Chinese rare books and have signed cooperation MOU with the NCL. Up to now, it contains over 750,000 titles held at 83 academic institutions and libraries in the world.

Bronze & Stone Rubbing Database (金石拓片資料)This database contains digital images of Rubbings of Bronze & Stone inscriptions held at NCL which covers 7,093 titles and counted as many as 13,634 images.

Archives Cross Boundaries(國家發展委員會檔案管理局Across檔案資源整合查詢平台) 

1. This ACROSS system is a comprehensive digital archives portal that has integrated 89 databases developed by 37 libraries, museums and archives mainly in Taiwan.
2. This database system has classified its contents by content, time, type and agencies (holding institutions), allowing searchers to browse from different facets.
3. This database system also provides both simple and advanced search functions. The search results provide hyperlinks to guide searchers to link to the institution that owns the item. It is possible to have access to the digital images from the institution’s database.

Taiwan Digital Archives(典藏臺灣)

1. A portal to guide users to utilize the digital collections of various institutions in Taiwan.
2. It is more feasible when use Chinese version (Landing Page) to search by subject or by institution.
3. The database system provides images of open access materials, and will guide searchers to link to the holding institutions’ webpage.

Digital Archive of Rare Books(善本古籍數位典藏系統)This database is a digital archive of Chinese rare books held at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) Library.

Image System for Periodicals of Japanese Ruled Period 日治時期期刊全文影像系統 This database provides access to articles’ full-text images of periodicals published during Japanese-Ruled Period. Subject coverage ranged from politics, economics, literature, religion, to the art. There are about 320 titles of journals and magazines included in this database, makes this database the most comprehensive one of its kind.

Image System for Books of Japanese Ruled Period 日治時期圖書全文影像系統  This database contains a collection of more than 160,000 volumes of books in Japanese published during Japanese-Ruled Period. They were originally stored in the warehouse of the Japanese Governor’s Office, of which about 60,000 volumes were the Ming and Qing publications.

Journal of National Essence 國粹學報全文資料庫 "Bulletin of National Essence" contains works left from Ming and Qing Dynasty which emphasized the importance of the study of academia history, and aimed to provide criticisms and essays that reflect the contents of such in the past and at the time. There were 82 issues been published from February 23, 1905 to March 1911. Each issue included both authored articles of the time and manuscripts of passed sages with their portrait. From Issue 26 there included a pictorial encyclopedic column to list domestic plants and animals with illustrations. The images contained in this database is over 600, cover types of rubbings, calligraphies, paintings, illustrations, etc. The total searchable entries in this database counted more than 3,000, providing access to full-text images of more than 1,000 pieces of writings.