Study rooms

Green Library has a variety of study areas, including large reading rooms, smaller group study rooms, and an open seating area.

Group study rooms, each with space for groups of up to six people, are located outside the main reading rooms in the Bing Wing. Most rooms are equipped with whiteboards, and one (outside the Jonsson Social Science Reading Room) has a smartboard as well.


  • Rooms are available on a first-come basis
  • Groups of two or more take priority over single-person use
  • Observe a two-hour limit when others are waiting
  • No food or drinks

The Albert M. Bender Room, located on the 5th floor of Bing Wing, offers beautiful views of the Quad and the hills beyond campus, as well as comfortable seating and a quiet atmosphere for study, leisure reading, and reflection. The Bender Room contains a non-circulating collection of books of current and classic interest, both fiction and non-fiction.

The Jonsson Social Sciences Reading Room, located on the 1st floor of the Bing Wing, facilitates a range of social science learning and research activities. It contains a social science reference collection of over 15,000 volumes, including classic texts, new and notable publications, and current issues of core journals in the social sciences.

The Lane Reading Room is located on the 2nd floor of the Bing Wing, accessible from the Rotunda. It houses the Humanities and Area Studies Resource Center. Traditional study and reading space is complemented by wireless Internet access and computer workstations. The room offers printed reference collections and specific "mini-collections" devoted to important topical areas, including collections of new fiction and new books in the scholarly fields of the humanities. Reference materials aiding in the use of Special Collections can also be found here. The Lane Reading Room is located directly above the Social Sciences Resource Center. The two areas are directly connected by an internal staircase, enabling faculty and students to easily move between these areas and the services they provide.

The Mary M. Tanenbaum Room is located on the 2nd floor of the Bing Wing, accessible from the Rotunda. It includes one large antique table and chairs for six people.

The Raubitschek Room, named in honor of the late professor emeritus Antony E. Raubitschek, is located in Room 351, on the 3rd floor of the East Wing. To get to this room take two right turns off the main stairs in the East Wing, past the restrooms. It brings together the primary texts of Greek and Latin epigraphy and papyrology, together with the necessary secondary and reference literature.