Discovery Working Group


ePADD provides a standalone module to publish redacted email collections online to enable discovery. This module displays entities, correspondents, and redacted header information from email messages. It does not display the full text of email messages. While any institution that uses ePADD to process their email collections can establish their own independent discovery site, there was a need for a shared, multi-institutional version of the discovery site. The ePADD Discovery Working Group collaboratively designed new interface elements for the website as well as supporting documentation.


The ePADD Discovery Working Group comprises professionals from across the Library, Archival communities who have volunteered their expertise to support collaboration to design the ePADD Discovery website.


Sally DeBauche, Stanford University Tricia Patterson, Harvard University
Callum McKean, British Library Jonathan Pledge, British Library
Alix Norton, UC Santa Cruz Jessica Smith, University of Manchester
Michael Olson, Stanford University Christina Velazquez Fidler, UC Berkeley

Contributing a Collection to the ePADD Discovery Module

If you use ePADD to process email collections and would like to publish your email collection metadata, please contact the ePADD team for more information at or consult the ePADD Discovery Module Contributor Guide.