New print books: January 13-19, 2020

Random matrices

National parks

End times

Food plants of the world

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QA196.5 .R3585 2019

Borodin, Alexei, Ivan Corwin, and Alice Guionnet. 2019. Random matrices. IAS/Park City mathematics series; 26. Providence: American Mathematical Society.

QA242.5 .O64 2019

Oort, Frans. 2019. Open problems in arithmetic algebraic geometry. Advanced lectures in mathematics; 46. Somerville, Massachusetts, U.S.A.: International Press; Beijing, China: Higher Education Press.

QB638.8 .W35 2019 PopSci

Walsh, Bryan. 2019. End times: a brief guide to the end of the world: asteroids, supervolcanoes, rogue robots, and more. New York: Hachette Books.

QH75 .F76 2019

Casetta, Elena, Jorge Marques da Silva, and Davide Vecchi. 2019. From assessing to conserving biodiversity: conceptual and practical challenges. History, philosophy and theory of the life sciences; 24. Cham, Switzerland: SpringerOpen.

QH507 .L47 2019

Lesk, Arthur M. 2019. Introduction to bioinformatics, 5th ed. Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford University Press.

QK98.5 .A1 V36 2019 Reference

Van Wyk, Ben-Erik. 2019. Food plants of the world: identification, culinary uses and nutritional value, 2nd ed. Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK; Boston, MA: CABI.

QK328 .V45 2017 V.2

Loidi, Javier. 2017. The vegetation of the Iberian Peninsula. Plant and vegetation; 13. Cham, Switzerland: Springer.

QL458.2 .I9 S66 2014 V.2

Sonenshine, Daniel E., and R. Michael Roe. 2014. Biology of ticks. New York: Oxford University Press. Also Digital.

QL676 .D7713 2019

Dubois, Philippe J., Élise Rousseau, and Jennifer Higgins. 2019. A short philosophy of birds. [New York]: Dey Street Books.

QL691 .M65 G66 2019

Gombobaatar, Sundev, Braunlich, Christopher Leahy, and Adam Bowley 2019. Birds of Mongolia. Princeton field guides. Princeton University Press.

QL767 .N64 2019 F

Noël, Jean-Philippe. 2019. The champions of camouflage. Richmond Hill, Ontario; Buffalo, New York: Firefly Books.

SB472 .L36 2019

Haaren, Christina von, Andrew A. Lovett, and Christian Albert. 2019. Landscape planning with ecosystem services: theories and methods for application in Europe. Landscape series; 24. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer. Also Digital.

SB481 .N327 2017

Diaz, Janet. 2017. National parks: biodiversity, management, and environmental issues. Environmental remediation technologies, regulations, and safety. New York: Novinka. Also Digital.

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