Technical reports

The Mathematics and Statistics technical report collection is housed at SAL3. The collection includes computer science, mathematics, statistics, and operations research technical reports from various sources around the world from the mid-1950's to the present. The bulk of the collection is composed of computer science-related reports issued by U.S. institutions from the 1970's and 1980's. Many were later published in magazines and refereed journals. Of the approximately 56,000 technical reports in the collection, many are freely available online through institutional websites. If you need assistance determining whether a particular technical report is available online, check the list of "Sources of TRs and online papers beyond Stanford" below and/or contact us. All Mathematics and Statistics technical reports held by Stanford University Libraries can be found in SearchWorks, the online catalog for the Stanford University Libraries, by searching for the title of the report. To request a circulating print report held by Stanford, click the "Request" link in the item's SearchWorks record.

Finding reports online

Stanford mathematics technical reports

Most technical reports from the Department of Mathematics are not available online. However, some faculty have made their reports available, so check their individual web sites.

Stanford statistics technical reports

Most technical reports issued by the Department of Statistics from 1950 to the present are now available online at their Technical Reports Archive.

Computer science technical reports and notes

Reports from 2000+ 
These reports are only available online.

Reports prior to 2000  
Only some are available online. Link to the reports from SearchWorks or browse (with abstracts) available reports by decade and type.

Other sources of Stanford CS-related TRs and papers

Sources of TRs and online papers beyond Stanford

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Legal issues

Authors of these technical reports have granted Stanford University non-exclusive rights to distribute, perform, and display these works. The copyright remains with the author. You may copy a report provided that you agree to respect the author's copyright. Please contact the author for information regarding authorized uses. A report may be copied for scholarly, non-commercial purposes, such as research or instruction. Reports may not be excerpted unless due acknowledgment is given the author. Moreover, we do not know what additional arrangements authors may have made concerning these reports. Therefore, in copying a report, you are assuming whatever legal responsibilities copying any document might entail.