ChemOffice Professional

What is available?

We have a campus-wide site licence for ChemOffice+ Cloud that includes all current students, faculty, and staff at Stanford.  This agreement includes the desktop version of ChemOffice Professional (PC) and ChemDraw Professional (Mac).  Our agreement includes the PerkinElmer Signals Notebook Individual Edition, a cloud-based electronic notebook, and ChemDraw Cloud. ChemDraw can be used for searching SciFinder and Reaxys.  Mnova ChemDraw Edition is also included with ChemOffice Professional but is a "lite" version of the software.  Because we have a site license to the full version of Mnova, we don't recommend using Mnova ChemDraw.  Learn more about what's new.

After installing the software on a personal computer, users do not need to be connected to the network to use it.   The software is also loaded on the cluster computers located in libraries, dorms, and computing clusters.  The current license agreement expires December 30, 2024.

Please note

There are two different registration systems and accounts associated with our site license.  Use FireFox or Internet Explorer. 

  1. PerkinElmer website to register for the latest versions of the desktop software.
  2. PerkinElmer site license website and do a search for Stanford University to register for Signals Notebook Individual Edition and ChemDraw Cloud which are cloud-based applications.

Download desktop software and get license key

When registering, please use your Stanford email address.  Valid email addresses domains are:

ChemOffice Professional/ChemDraw Professional - latest versions

  • Register on the website.
  • After confirming registration of your new account by email, use Password Finder to create a password.
  • Log in to your account on the PerkinElmer Download Center website.
  • Links for downloading the software are displayed on the home page or the List Downloads page.
  • To get an activation code (license key), click on List Entitlements located on the left side of the page.
  • Use the Product_Activation code listed for the ChemOffice+ Cloud Site Subscription entry.  This activation key works for both the Win and Mac platforms.

Cloud-based software and supplier database on the web

Signals Notebook Individual Edition and ChemDraw Cloud (ChemDraw JS) are included in our ChemOffice Professional campus-wide site license.  To use these services, please see instructions below.

Use Signals Notebook Individual Edition for free

PerkinElmer Signals Notebook Individual Edition, an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) that is a cloud-based application, is included in our campus-wide site license for ChemOffice Professional.  This means that students, faculty, and staff at Stanford are able to use the Signals Notebook without paying any fees.  More information about choosing and using an ELN is listed at the bottom of this page.