Lloyd W. Dinkelspiel Awards

For Outstanding Service to Undergraduate Education

The Lloyd W. Dinkelspiel Awards recognize distinctive and exceptional contributions to undergraduate education or the quality of student life at Stanford. The contribution may be made for such activities as curriculum design, program development, advising excellence, residential education, committee leadership, or extracurricular education. Ordinarily, awards are made each year to:

  • Two graduating seniors from the current academic year's class

  • A faculty or staff member with ten or more years of service to Stanford

  • A faculty or staff member with less than ten years of service to Stanford

2018-2019, James Campbell, Edgar E. Robinson Professor in United States History

For his committed service as a Resident Fellow, who continues to push for student-centered innovations; and

For his impact on both individual students and the undergraduate population as a whole through his work as Faculty Director of Residential Programs; and

For his contributions to many undergraduate innovations, such as the Thinking Matters program and the WAYS system of requirements; and

For spending so much of his heart, soul, time, energy, and effort into making Stanford better for undergraduates;

James Campbell

2018-2019, Christopher LeBoa, M.S. Candidate in Epidemiology and B.S. Candidate with Honors in Human Biology

For his special ability to think beyond an outcome and consider how to engage his peers; and

For catalyzing other students to be actively involved in Stanford Food Recovery, and to look for opportunities to expand partnership; and

For shaping the service experience of his peers with his leadership and his big heart; and 

For his commitment to bettering the Stanford community;

Christopher LeBoa

2018-2019, Cynthia Lee, Lecturer, Computer Science

For her commitment to inclusive education; and

For understanding how to use her voice, position, and influence to empower others; and

For her combined passion for teaching and for improving the inclusiveness of computer science; and

For being nothing short of disruptive, in the best sense of the term;

Cynthia Lee

2017-18 Stephen J. Stedman, Senior Fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies and Professor, by courtesy, of Political Science

For his work in shaping the intellectual development of students with thoughtful and forward-thinking ideas; 

For his profound and lasting contributions to the quality and richness of the undergraduate experience;

For being a trusted mentor and supervisor; and

For his humble pursuit of excellence and commitment as an educator.

Stephen Stedman

2017-18 Amy Larimer, Lecturer in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Assistant Director of the Architectural Design Program, and Resident Fellow in Rinconada

For being an outstanding teacher, listener, mentor and supporter;

For navigating the complexities of teaching architecture and ensuring an invaluable and meaningful experience for each student; 

For her deep commitment to expanding students' intellectual and interpersonal capacities; and

For being a kind, generous and open individual who does everything she can to help students.

Amy Larimer

2017-18 Alexis Kallen, B.A. candidate in political science with interdisciplinary honors in democracy, development, and the rule of law

For enhancing the experience of students on campus and pushing herself and others to understand and contribute to the world beyond Stanford;

For being a motivated, innovative, committed and smart leader;

For her positive attitude and genuine faith in humanity; and

For her infectious enthusiasm.

Alexis Kallen

2016-17 Greg Boardman, Vice Provost for Student Affairs

For his equanimity, good humor, competence and steadfast commitment to what is best for Stanford;

For his approach to each situation with a problem-solving perspective; and

For his support of Cardinal Service, Stanford’s significant public service initiative.

Greg Boardman

2016-17 Ross Venook, Lecturer in Bioengineering

For his major contributions as an instructor in the Department of Bioengineering, which include restructuring and developing two core curriculum laboratory courses; and

For transforming the culture of Stanford undergraduates’ experience through his humor, compassion, charisma and genuine desire to help everyone succeed.

Ross Venook

2016-17 Adam Schorin, B.A. candidate in american studies

For outstanding involvement with the Nepal Medical Project, which helped people in remote and impoverished regions of the world;

For contributions as a founder and editor-in-chief of Stanford’s West Magazine, which created a place for artists to contribute their wit, humor, and compassion; and

For being a generous innovative contributor to the life of the Stanford undergraduate community.

Adam Schorin

2015-16 Stephen Haber, A.A. and Jeanne Welch Milligan Professor, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution and at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, Professor of Political Science, of History and, by courtesy, of Economics

For his unremitting efforts in developing new approaches to undergraduate teaching and the political science curriculum, including new subfields, laboratory components and the central role of research with the Research Honors Track;

For teaching students the value of using a variety of disciplines and methods when tackling challenges,” and “for being an invaluable mentor and outstanding instructor, helping students develop as individuals and thoughtful citizens, as well as quality scholars; and

For his vision of a 21st-century political science education that spurred the transformation of the undergraduate curriculum and will benefit Stanford students far into the future.

Stephen Haber

2015-16 Melissa Colleen Stevenson, Lead Academic Advising Director in Undergraduate Advising and Research

For her extraordinary personal commitment, from fostering community through Three Books discussions, to leading a writing group for budding science fiction writers, to emailing students late into the night; and

For outstanding leadership in projects that make Undergraduate Advising and Research better for everyone – from training new advisers to overseeing the development of the Cardinal Compass site and including lists of “One-Unit Wonders” valued by students and faculty alike.

Melissa Colleen Stevenson

Marisa Graham Messina, senior in symbolic systems and French, and coterminal master’s degree candidate in communication (media studies)

For her work and enthusiasm as a mentor, providing support to students as a writing and oral communication tutor at the Hume Center for Writing and Speaking and as a BEAM peer career consultant; 

For her leadership in the design of a peer mentorship program as chair of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education’s Student Advisory Group; and

For her extracurricular service, which included participation as a member of the OpenXChange working group, as co-president of the Stanford Pre-Business Association, and as a chair and panelist for judicial hearings on Honor Code violations.

Marisa Graham Messina