Transferring materials

Help us save and preserve Stanford's institutional memory

Since it was established in 1965, the Stanford University Archives has served as the official repository for institutional records of the University, personal papers of Stanford faculty, and materials of Stanford students, alumni/ae, and associated groups. These materials document the history and evolution of Stanford.

Working with satellite archives at the Medical History Center, Law School, Graduate School of Business, SLAC, and Department of Athletics, the Stanford University Archives seeks to document the admnistrative, intellectual, cultural, and social life of the University. Archives staff work closely with Stanford offices, faculty, student organizations, alumni/ae, and donors to identify those materials to acquire and preserve for teaching, learning, and research. 

The Archives adds to its holdings through transfer of University records from offices and departments; donation of faculty members' personal papers; transfer of student organization records from student groups; and donations from the personal papers and memorabilia of alumni/ae and friends.

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