Access and privileges


Privileges for all students

  • All Stanford students may check out as many books as they would like.
  • Media & Microtext items may be checked out for seven days, with no online renewals.
  • Interlibrary Borrowing (online delivery of articles and books from other university libraries). 
  • Locker in Green Library.
  • Spouses and domestic partners are eligible for a Courtesy Card.
  • To copy/print in the libraries, enroll in the StanfordCardPlan or go to to add funds to your University ID Card using a credit/debit card.

Privileges that differ based on student type

  • Direct remote borrowing from UC Berkeley and onsite borrowing at UC Berkeley and other UC institutions is only available for graduate students.
  • Dissertation carrels in Green Library are only available for PhD students advanced to candidacy. Study carrels in Green Library's Bing Wing are only available to graduate students.

New to Stanford?

  • Students receive ID Cards, issued by the Campus ID Card Office, that can be used for library access and borrowing; activated SUNet IDs permit access to online library resources.
  • Campus ID Card privileges & SUNet ID activation for new students occurs at the end of July for graduate students and at the end of August for undergrads.
  • Set up your browser for access to Stanford-restricted online library resources from off-campus locations.
  • Consider enrolling in the StanfordCardPlan to use your Campus Card as a debit card for select campus purchases and library printing/copying. These charges will appear on your University bill.

Graduating student checklist

  • Return library materials.
  • Pay all outstanding fines and fees.
  • Empty your library locker.
  • Empty your dissertation carrel (graduate students). If your carrel was in Green Library, please return your key at the Circulation & Privileges desk.
  • Library borrowing privileges with your University ID card expire immediately when you graduate.
  • Your SUNet ID is valid for 120 days after graduation to give you time to move files and access email; however, access to electronic library databases and resources stops when you graduate. Please plan ahead. You can still access most databases from public kiosks inside the libraries.