Access and privileges

Lockers and assigned study spaces

The following assigned study spaces and lockers are available in Green Library (some branch and coordinate libraries also offer assigned study spaces). Some spaces are in high demand and have wait lists. Priority is given to patrons in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Dissertation rooms, graduate carrels, and lockers are assigned at the discretion of the Privileges Department and automatically renewed for the duration of the student’s affiliation.

Please note: Face coverings are highly recommended while in the library, including enclosed spaces. Coordinate use of shared spaces so that only one person at a time is in the space. Consider scheduling 24 hours between uses.

Faculty Studies

Faculty Studies are small, locked study rooms (individual or shared) furnished with a desk, chair, and shelving. These rooms are available to junior faculty, faculty in the humanities and social sciences with, faculty with heavy teaching loads or large number of advisees, or faculty who live far from campus.

  • Submit the Faculty Study Application to add your name to the waiting list.
  • You’ll be notified in September.
  • You’ll need to renew every May.

Dissertation Carrels

Dissertation Carrels are small, shared, windowless, locked study rooms furnished with a desk, chair, and shelving. Carrels are available only to doctoral students who have advanced to candidacy (you may be asked to verify eligibility).

Graduate Student Carrels

Graduate Student Carrels are open carrels with lockers located in the Bing Wing. These are available to graduate students.


Lockers are small, locked cabinets located in the lower level, second floor, and third floor of East Wing. These are available to core Stanford community members and Visiting Scholars (but not Hospital staff).


For any questions or concerns, please contact Privileges.